Bellingham Adventurers' Guild

The Investigation is Underway

More Evidence Comes to Light

thacker_1_web.jpg The mysterious stranger proved to be a powerful ally. He possessed an item that could be central to unraveling the mystery of Hugeldal. Though the party was initially suspicious of this strange figure, he quickly demonstrated that he was on their side (for now). He produced a strange vial that bore traces of the same uncommon substance that coated the dagger that was recovered from the assassins at the inn. He explained that he found the vial in the town’s well, and he suspected it was central to the plague that infected the entire town.

Spurred on by this development, the party began their investigation in earnest. The party spared no time in examining the now abandoned Shallyan hospice, where it was rumored that the Guild of Physick would soon be establishing their hall. They found some basic equipment and medical supplies, but as they were about to leave, a flask shattered and a strange green vapor filled the hospice. Gorian and Salix’s acute senses saved the adventurers from a sickening demise, as they recognized the threat. They were not able to escape the temple entirely unscathed, however. The flask contained a particularly virulent strain of the Ghoulpox, and while spared the full brunt of that horrific plague, the heroes still contracted a weaker case of the disease.

Undeterred, the heroes sought audience with Lady von Jungfreud, the ruler of this remote mining town. She seemed to have something to hide, and she expressed a rather unusual hatred of the Shallyans who once called Hugeldal their home. However, when she was presented with the evidence of Doktor Verfullen’s betrayal, she became more sympathetic to the party’s cause. Though she had no intention of turning against the man that had saved her life and that of her son, the case in front of her was overwhelming, and she gave the heroes leave to pursue their cause. Unfortunately, the Ghoulpox they contracted still proved to be an obstacle.

Clever as always, the party managed to turn even this unfortunate circumstance to their advantage. Their diseased state enabled them to enter the surgery of Doktor Verfullen himself, who seemed to stand at the center of the mass of problems plaguing Hugeldal, without a trace of suspicion. As the rest of the group waited, Ryxx acquired a vial of medicine from the Doktor. Though they possessed one more piece of the puzzle, the full picture was still unclear…



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