Bellingham Adventurers' Guild

The Chase

Pursuing the Doktor

By this point, Doktor Verfullen looked like the most likely suspect behind the affliction ravaging Hugeldal. The heroes wanted to confront their quarry, but they wanted to keep the element of surprise. They decided that the best plan was a stakeout. Salix hid in a tree near the Doktor’s surgery, while the others waited in and around the inn.

After several tense hours, there was movement in the surgery and the lamp was snuffed. Salix gave the signal to advance toward the surgery. By the time the Doktor left through the back door, the party was prepared to pursue him. He moved quickly into the back alleys of the town to avoid attention.

Eventually the alleys narrowed, and Doktor Verfullen ducked into a space between two buildings. The adventurers prepared to follow him in, but their plan was stopped by a sudden ambush. Nine men in black clothes and hoods appeared from all sides. The leader of the group readied his crossbow and pulled back his hood.

It was Max Fleischer, the bandit leader who had escaped the massacre in the woods. With a bellowed command, he and his men loosed a volley of crossbow bolts. The battle was joined.



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