Bellingham Adventurers' Guild

Departure from Ubersreik

The Adventure Begins

peop010.jpgFate works in mysterious ways. Three adventurers from wildly different backgrounds found themselves alone at the Dead Horse Tavern in Ubersreik when a monstrous thunderstorm (and the tavern’s leaky roof) drove the other patrons away. One of the three, a high elf envoy named Gorian Rothkin, struck up a conversation to pass the time. The others introduced themselves as Salix (a wood elf mystic) and Ryxx Zannad (a human mercenary with a mysterious hand weapon). United by their idealistic natures and their sense of justice, they agreed to join together as traveling companions.

Later that evening, they heard a rumor that a strange malaise was decimating the nearby mining town of Hugeldal. Black filth spouted from once pristine mountain springs, many citizens were dying of disease, and strange Chaos beasts roamed the land. The newly-founded party could not stand by while innocents perished, and decided to leave for Hugeldal the next morning to begin their investigation.

On the road to Hugeldal, the intrepid adventurers noticed the sounds of battle in the distance. Rounding a bend in the path, they came upon a group of bandits attacking a caravan, lead by a mighty man in black. Gorian noticed a bandit near the edge of the woods who looked eerily similar to the bandit leader. He disappeared into the woods upon noticing the adventurers. Gorian attempted to pursue him, but the way was blocked by the bandit leader, who came rushing forward wildly swinging an enormous sword. Supported by Gorian and Salix, Ryxx engaged the bandit leader in fierce combat and eventually overcame him. The party’s combined efforts drove the remaining bandits off. Though they were unable to save some members of the caravan, they successfully saved two Shallyans from the temple in Hugeldal that had joined the caravan, along with a couple of traveling merchants. Most impressively, they managed to take the bandit leader prisoner.

What happened next raised more questions than it answered. (to be continued…)



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